Euskadi 1977 – 1987 (1987)


The repression in the Basque Country has been totally ignored by a big part of the Spanish society. Gernika, a symbol of peace, was forgotten too soon, and the bombs found their way again, but this time they were on cars, in the ground, hidden in bags… ETA was pushed to the limit and all the society of Euskadi paid for it with decades of police terror, random massive arrests, tortures and the most fearful strategies of the state. 1987 marked 50 years since the bombs of Gernika, and thus around twenty photographers were gathered to explore the situation of the last ten years in Euskadi: the politics, culture, life in the street, current events… everything is covered, a perfect and rare documentary photobook from a society that always fought back.

Comisión Gernika 37 87, Bilbao, 1987. 310 x 310 mm. Softcover, 199 pages.

First edition. Condition: Several marks on the cover (the current photo of the book doesn’t match the one is being sold), interiors are in perfect condition. Has a stamp of a previous book store in first page. Texts in many different languages.

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Euskadi 1977 - 1987 Publisher: Comisión Gernika 37 87 Language: Spanish