Nikki S. Lee – Parts (2005)


The Nikki S. Lee works always put the viewer in a confrontative position with their own public personality, or what C. G. Jung would called the “persona”, the mask we wear in public in order to impose a certain image about us. The way the artist manages to make people doubt about subcultural aesthetics of any kind can be a very hard to swallow project for many. In this one, called “Parts”, Nikki S. Lee focuses her work on her own persona instead of other ones, presenting a serie of images where she is always the main character (and if she is not, the picture is cropped so she is the only person in it) creating a very wide range of identities associated to a same face, that suddenly change completely depending of different contexts and varied haircuts or outfits.

Hatje Cantz, Germany, 2005. 235 x 285 mm. Hardcover, 86 pages. ISBN: 3775716726

First edition. Condition: Good. Has some small bumps on the cover, interiors are in perfect condition. There’s a little pen sign and date on the first page.

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