Camilo José Cela, Oriol Maspons, Julio Ubiña – Toreo de Salón (1963)


This book created for the famous serie “Palabra e imagen” from Editorial Lumen puts together Camilo José Cela, one of the most known writers of Spain, with the brilliant photographers Oriol Maspons and Julio Ubiña. The theme is the “toreo“, this typical Spanish spectactle where a “torero” makes the bull go under his cape and dances around until he kills it. This extremely cruel practice has been part of the Spanish imaginary for many years and has been exploited by many artists. In this case, Maspons and Ubiña make a serie of kids practicing the moves around a fake bull, and along with some portraits show us a small community around this school of toreo.

Editorial Lumen, Barcelona, ​​1963. 210 x 220 mm. Hadcover, around 100 pages.

First edition. Condition: Very good, but has a bump on left top corner.

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Toreo de salón Publisher: Editorial Lumen Language: Spanish