Roswell Angier – “… a kind of life.” conversations in the combat zone (1976)


Roswell Angier documents the inner spaces and relationships in Boston’s “Combat Zone”, creating an important work about strippers or show girls, pimps and their clients. Angier’s series also feature extremely well connected interviews with the subjects that are photographed, including all kinds of works that happen around this area. The texts talk about innocent dreams, honest feelings and subjective opinions, giving us a deep comprehension of a situation that is never understood by a big part of the society, and many times manipulated by the media. Debating between the idea of liberation and slavery, the subjects pose for Angier in a perfectly well done work, that is a master class of documentary photography.

Addison House, Boston, 1976. 270 x 295 mm. Hardcover, 130 pages. ISBN: 0891690026

First edition. Condition: Very good.

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