Taishi Hirokawa – Bus Stops in L.A. 1974-5 (2022) (signed)


The city of Los Angeles, like all cities in the United States, is mainly a car-based society. In the mid 70s the people who were using public transportation were mainly poor, and Taishi Hirokawa, a young man travelling in his mid-twenties, did this short series of the users through windows of buses and taking dozens of portraits. The 70s of North-America seen through bus stops, a very interesting project that depicts a whole working class in more ways that one could expect.

Hirokawa photography, Tokyo, Japan, 2022. 210x145mm. Around 50 pages. Limited edition to 150. New condition.

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Bus Stops in L.A. 1974-5 Publisher: Hirokawa photography Language: Japanese, English