Theodor Kittelsen – Troll Magic (2022)


Originally called Troldskab and published in 1892, this Theodor Kittelsen little piece of folklore and art is a small gem not very well known outside of the north of Europe. In this volume Tiina Nunnally brings back these old stories and creatures translated to English, reproducing the original book with beautiful illustrations from the artist. Th. Kittelsen (1857-1914) is one of the most known painters and illustrators from Norway and his work has been reproduced extensely, even being used by the black metal scene (Burzum’s Filosofem, probably the most popular one).

University of Minnesota Press, 2022. 235 x 210 mm. Hardcover, 94 pages. ISBN: 9781517911393.

First edition. Condition: New.

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