Un millón de segadors (1977)


After the death of the dictator Franco, the Catalan independentist movement came back to life. One of the most important days is the “Diada”, the day of Catalonia, celebrated the 11th of September every year. This day is used to remember those who fought for the Catalan culture and rights, and it’s always a massive event celebrated all around the country. In 1977, after so many years of not being able to do this, the “Diada” happened in a new exciting way for many, and there was Interviu to document everything. This magazine is an impressive piece of journalism which features a huge amount of photographs documenting that day and very interesting articles about this celebration, including a piece with the President Tarradellas celebrating from France.

Very good condition. Texts in Spanish.

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Un millón de segadors Publisher: Ediciones Actuales Language: Spanish