Aperture 97 – Josef Koudelka, Gilles Peress, Don McCullin, Shomei Tomatsu… (1984)


This issue of Aperture addresses the process of recording conflict. It is not concerned with the photography of war or the struggle of armed combatants. It reflects a historical pattern from the turning point of modern European history in the streets of Prague in 1968 to the continuing American military as well as cultural presence in Japan. Between the forces of invasion and occupation the circle of retribution persists in Northern Ireland and Beirut.

Includes images by Josef Koudelka, Philp Jones Griffiths, Susan Meiselas, Gilles Peress, Don McCullin and Shomei Tomatsu.

Aperture, 1984. 243 × 289 mm. Softcover, 80 pages. ISBN: 0893811556

First edition. Condition: Very good.

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ISBN: 0893811556 Author: Title: Recording Conflict Publisher: Aperture Language: English