Takeyoshi Tanuma & Junichi Yano – Romànic Català (1987)


Takeyoshi Tanuma has been a searcher of spirituality and humanity at home and very far from it. This work about the north of Catalonia focuses on the architecture of the early medieval development in this cold, harsh environment around the Pyrenees. Besides the buildings, sculptures and paintings, Takeyoshi Tanuma also looks for the people, their folklorical fests and their relation with those representations of mostly Roman Catholic imagery, the remains of other era that are still well preserved.

This huge book has an excellent quality of printing, and the size of the images let the observer to be introduced in this world that Tanuma Takeyoshi stopped in the mid 80s.

Iwanami Shoten, Japan, 1987. 315 x 300 mm. Hardcover, 178 pages.

First edition. Condition: Very good. All texts in Japanese

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