Ken Domon – Children of Chikuho (1995)


Chikuho was a miner town that, in 1959, lost its main source of income: the coal. That year the government decided to switch from coal to fuel as an energy source, leaving this village with tons of unemployed and in a very poor economical situation. Ken Domon photographed the people who lost their job, kids that were in the streets, women fighting to survive and the protests around this decision and situation.

Ken Domon was one of the masters of photography and left an impressive mark on the history of photography. Japanese photographers learnt from him, and this books summarizes perfectly his style between a perfectionism impossible to beat, and a humanism that touches every soul.

Unknown, Japan. First edition. 1995. 180x260mm. Around 100 pages. Hardcover with dustcover. Perfect condition.

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Children of Chikuho Publisher: Unknown Publisher Language: Japanese