100 posters of Tadanori Yokoo (1978)


Tadanori Yokoo was the creator of a style that would blend the traditional art with a new psychodelic look, full of flat areas of colour, depicting many times sexual subjects and surrealist landscapes. Yokoo designed posters and album covers for The Beatles, Carlos Santana and Cat Stevens, making a lasting contribution to popular culture

“Tadanori Yokoo’s works reveal all of the unbearable things which we Japanese have inside ourselves and they make people angry and frightened. He makes explosions with the frightening resemblance which lies between the vulgarity of billboards advertising variety shows during festivals at the shrine devoted to the war dead and the red containers of Coca-Cola in American Pop Art, things which are in us but which we do not want to see” – Yukio Mishima

Kodansha, Tokyo, 1971. 405 x 280 mm. Softcover, 112 pages.

First edition. Condition: Very good. All texts in Japanese. Contains poster.

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