Fuyuki Kataoka – Photo and Destroy (2013)


The Japanese punk has been an influential sound in the punk scene of the whole world, with their typical mix of metal, hardcore punk and d-beat, but also with the extreme ways of playing that got very popular there. Besides the well known “burning spirits” bands there’s a whole crust scene and a hardcore punk scene that opened many doors to new sounds in these genres. In this book Fuyuki Kataoka displays his years of photographic work after a successful exhibition called Photo And Destroy. Some of the bands featured here are Warhead, Organism, Framtid, Nightmare, D-Clone, Reality Crisis, Centipede, Zyanose, Acrostix, Skizophrenia… but there are many more.

First edition. 208 pages. Very good condition, like new. Texts in Japanese.

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Photo and Destroy Publisher: MCR Company Language: Japanese