Sakevi & John Duncan – Punk On Wave (POW), Performance of War (1986)


Explosives, poisonous plants, ways of killing… the art of war is this magazine. The most evil printed matter created by Sakevi Yokoyama (GISM) and his friend John Duncan, that helped on the translations of some of these texts. Including several collaborators like Genesis P-orridge, this “Performance of War” is the third and last magazine created by Sakevi in this project called Punk on Wave (POW).

This magazine contains interviews with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)*, a Medical Examiner that performs autopsies in Tokyo*, inmates in the Matsuzawa Mental Hospital(scene of the murder of 200 inmates by members of the hospital staff)*, a member of East Asia Anti-Japanese Armed Front*, members of Bōei-chō (right wing faction of the Japanese Army), Genesis P-Orridge… plus several “tips” on how to kill *.

Very good condition. Most of the texts are in Japanese, but there’s translations to English.

(*) stands for translated or partially translated.

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Performance of War Publisher: Unknown Publisher Language: Japanese, English