Documentary photography of Takashi Hamaguchi 1959-1968 (1969)


Takashi Hamaguchi is one of the most important photographers of Japan. His work, focused on documentary photography, started very early in 1956. Following the most influential photographers like Ken Domon, the perfect snaps of the masters were transferred to the most violent social struggles of his time, letting us get into the protests of these years in a pristine quality. The contents depicted on this book are:

Anger (All Nippon Airways Accident), Stone Throwing Incident at the marriage ceremony of the former Crown Prince of Japan, Matsukawa Incident, Returnees from Sakhalin, A town of white powder, Tsurumi Rail Accident, Niigata Earthquake, The worlds fastest train, Tokyo Olympics, Around the US military base, People challenging the Seikan Tunnel, Rikidozan and wrestling, Yobidashi Kotetsu’s retirement, ObaQ appears, Baby Boom occurs, National Foundation day, Prime minister Yoshida Shigeru’s state funeral, The commoners are thirsting, Memorial Demonstrations for Hiroaki Yamazaki, Koraasa77 sails across the Pacific Ocean, Toden disappears from Ginza street, Narita new international airport incident, Zengakuren, Shinjuku Demonstrations approved as crime, Hokkaido Earthquake, Hidakawa bus fall accident, The scars of the nuclear bomb are deep, Student activism turning into quagmire, Diary on Visit, Intimacy, Every second is precious, A summer to a new summer, A record of a year, Just air, and inside it, Capturing everyday life, What is this definite loneliness and insanity.

Nippouren, Tokyo, 1969. 188 x 263 mm. Hardcover, 131 pages.

First edition. Condition: Good. All texts in Japanese. Dust cover has several marks of use/storage, interiors are fine.

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