Härri Palviranta – Battered (2022)


Assaults and street fights are everyday activities on weekend nights in Finland. People have a strong tendency to get rather intoxicated when partying and, once drunk, they are released from their inhibitions. Aggression turns into physical acts, to direct violence. There is a social awareness of this topic in Finland. The issue is recognized, and it is considered to be a severe social problem. But the discussion has mainly literal dimensions; it appears in news headlines, and it is discussed in seminars.

In the book Battered the Finnish Photographer Harri Pälviranta shows the real faces of street violence in Finland. In contrast to the stereotypic portrayals of male heroics and the worn-out attempts at shocking people, Pälviranta deals with the utmost banality inherent in violence.

Kult Books, 2022. 295 x 290 mm. Hardcover, 64 pages. ISBN: 978-91-987606-2-0

First edition. Condition: New. Texts in English.

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