Koen Wessing – Van Chili tot Guatemala (1983)


“From Chile to Guatemala: Ten years of Latin America” is a complete photography book that depicts the cultural, social and political events of the decade of the 70s in several countries of South and Central America. Through pictures of events of that time (protests, political acts, culture…) taken by Koen Wessing we travel through countries that keep solid ties between them even being very far from each other. The words of Eduardo Galeano give this book a more complete meaning:

“There are many reasons and mysteries that make us feel like pieces of one great homeland: Latin America, a great homeland yet to be made, where people from all over the world and from all cultures have come together over the centuries […]. Despite the variety of races, grounds and statistics, the cultural property of Mexico or Ecuador also belongs to Uruguay and Argentina and vice versa, namely insofar as these countries provide resources for finding and answering the problems posed by contemporary reality. […]”

Bert Bakker – Novib, 1983. 220 x 300 mm. Softcover, 95 pages.

First edition. Condition: Good. All texts in Dutch.

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Van Chili tot Guatemala Publisher: Bert Bakker Language: Dutch