Uliano Lucas – L’istituzione armata (1977)


Uliano Lucas in the rare photobook “L’Istituzione Armata” gives life to a careful visual investigation of the Italian armed forces of the 70s, a period during which the peninsula was experiencing the so-called “years of lead”. The volume also consists of some essays written by scholars such as Battistelli, Boldrini, Caronia, Pellegrini and Saviane. Texts and photography are combined to explain this complex problem.

Tommaso Musolini Editore, Torino, 1977. 240 × 220. Softcover, 124 pages. All texts in Italian.

First edition. Condition: Good. A side of the book was bent, probably because of transport or storage; it’s very easy to fix. All pages are in perfect condition.

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Unknown Title Publisher: Tommaso Musolini Editore Language: Unknown language