Disparos, fotografías del underground press (1977)


The end of the 60s made the American society stagger with new movements like the hippies, new wars like Vietnam, and not new but renewed fights like the one of the Black Panther Party. The sounds of 13th Floor Elevators, Jefferson Airplane and many others would join a generation that was bursting and fighting back the state that was trying to control them. The May 68’s arrived everywhere, love was spread all along the globe, but the American government was not accepting any critique on their management of the war; Berkley was took by the National Guard to stop the protesters from… planting flowers on a park and speak against Vietnam. In different events, Huey P. Newton was arrested, which also happened to every famous icon of the Black Panther Party. He said: “The blood, sweat, tears and suffering of black people  are the foundation of the wealth and power of the United States of America. We were forced to build America, and if forced to, we will tear it down”. The justice of his words weren’t matching the justice of the American system which declared war to all these political alternatives.

This book, which features texts by Ericka Huggins and Bobby Seale, shows the turmoil of those years of demanding rights, fighting against fascism and imperialism. The snapshots are very carefully picked showcasing events of those years in America.

Producciones Editoriales, 1977. 290 x 210 mm. Softcover, 116 pages.

First edition. Condition: Very good. General wear to cover and creasing borders. Interiors are fine. Texts in Spanish.

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ISBN: 8436509838 Author: Title: Shots, photographs from the underground press Publisher: Producciones Editoriales Language: English