Pintadas del referéndum (1977)


The dictatorship that suffered Spain until 1975 had a legal text that specified its end. To finally finish the work of Franco, the government asked the citizens through a referendum if they would accept this change. There’s many official answers to this referendum, but there’s not many documents that show what the streets said. Through graffiti, many expressed their views on the walls, or answered other ideas already written there. There’s messages that are lame and very funny 50 years later, but some are very interesting, or express needs that still today aren’t satisfied in certain areas of the society. The question was simple, and the answer was yes: that dictatorship had to end.

Bad condition. Binding is old, and the cover presents marks of water. It’s hard to find in good condition!

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ISBN: No ISBN Author: Title: Pintadas del Referéndum Publisher: Equipo Diorama Language: Spanish