Julián Barón – Niños de Nadie (2023)


Hundreds of unaccompanied minors live in the city of Melilla. The poor conditions and the systemic violence exercised in the reception centers make many of these young people escape to survive on the streets, alone and unprotected. For them, Melilla is the dock, the step prior to their final goal, continental Europe. To reach the peninsula they must cross—hidden in the underside of trucks or cargo containers—the Mediterranean Sea, the deadliest border in the world.

Ojos de Buey, Barcelona, 2023. 60 pages. 160 x 210 mm. ISBN: 978-84-126567-0-1.

First edition. Condition: New.

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ISBN: 978-84-126567-0-1 Author: Title: Niños de Nadie Publisher: Ojos de Buey Language: Spanish