Pilar Aymerich – Memòria d’un temps 1975-79 (2004)


The years 1975-79 where so important to shape the future of Spain and Catalonia. Pilar Aymerich was an impressive active and really political photojournalist from Barcelona that documented the actions and protests of the popular movements. The independentist movement, the feminist movement, the protests for LGTBIQ+ rights, the anarchist meetings, the class struggle, the needs of housing and better schools, legalization of parties like the communist party, amnesty for all the prisioners from the dictatorship… all of this and way more is in this book, with each picture explained and beautifully printed.

First edition. Very good condition, like new.

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ISBN: 8495166542 Author: Title: Memòria d'un temps 1975-79 Publisher: Fundació Caixa Sabadell : Museu d'Història de Catalunya Language: Catalan