Dèjá-Vu Nº3 – Wim Wenders, Seiichi Furuya, Hamish Fulton… (1991)


Dèjá-Vu was an excellent magazine dedicated to photography in its full form. This perfectly printed and exquisite good taste journal could only have been crafted in Japan, the land of the most meticulous and mesmerizing photobooks. Usually it is focused in a main topic (it could be a genre of photography or an author) and then features the work of local current authors and some exhibitions and book reviews. Besides that some short articles and interviews can appear in their pages, but usually related to the main element of the issue. In some of these issues also there is a small part dedicated to experimental printing, and paper or printing styles suddenly change in the most extravagant ways.

This photography quaterly is the first out of twenty essential works created by Dèjá-Vu and presents the series of Hamish Fulton, Shiraoka Jun, Furuya Seiichi, Wim Wenders, Fujiwara Shinya, Kurigami Kazumi, Orimoto Tatsumi, Goto Motohiro, Tanaka Tatsuhiko, Ito Yoshihiko, Matsubara Ken and Wynn Bullock. This issue was focused on travel documents and art photography, presenting some of the best photographers in the international scene and also in the Japanese circuit.

All texts are in Japanese, but there are some summaries in English.

Photo-Planète, 1991. Softcover, 180 pages. ISBN: 4309903231.

First edition. Condition: minor storage marks, very good condition.

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ISBN: 4309903231 Author: Title: Unknown Title Publisher: Photo-Planète Language: Unknown language