Rosalind Fox Solomon – Them (2014)


Rosalind Fox Solomon was one of the greatest photographers of the last 50 years. A small taste of her medium format work, often with very well chosen flash and perfect black and white tone can be found in this book called “Them”. “Them” are the participants of the work of Fox Solomon that probably had nothing in common in first place but the selection along with the small texts creates a guided travel to the author’s imagination and protests.

Mainly based on the conflict of Palestine and Israel, but also finished with lots of new ideas that come and go in the middle.

MACK, London, 2014. 165 x 215 mm. Hardcover, 144 pages. ISBN: 9781910164013

First edition. Condition: Like new.

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ISBN: 9781910164013 Author: Title: Them Publisher: Mack Language: English